Level II academic course in sacred music (in German)

  1. Test of melody and theory: musical, rhythmic and harmonic dictation with triads and quadriads
  2. Vocal performance of a tonal melody at first sight.
  • Specialism in liturgical organ practice and improvisation
  1. Play one work by J. S. Bach of no less difficulty than the prelude and fugue in C major BWV 541
  2. Play one work linked to a chorale by J. S. Bach
  3. Play one work of choice from the Romantic period or from the 20th or 21st century
  • Specialism in conducting of choirs and ensembles
  1. Conduct two choral works from two different eras of no less difficulty than the Cantate Domino by C. Monteverdi
  2. Extemporaneous reading of an easy choral work for three voices