New rules for admission exams to the Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano (applicable during the COVID-19 confinment period only)


Autumn session: residual places and students from outside of the European union

Application deadline: Monday 07 September 2020

Aspiring students interested in attending any type or level of music class, folk music class, instruments and/or singing class (ranging from Preparatory Courses, Triennium, Course for young talents, Single Courses, Biennium to Master I and II diplomas) are required to send their application form to with a film of a duration of approximately 10 minutes recorded in a single session without any cuts and/or editing related to the desired study program. Aspiring students will be contacted by the examination board for any questions and/or possible aptitude tests.

Please contact the student office for any technical and organization questions also regarding to the video recording.​​

Admission form 2nd level.pdf
Admission form 1st level.pdf