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International Collaborations

C. Monteverdi Conservatory and “Yanyou”

Thanks to an agreement signed between the C. Monteverdi Conservatory and the “Yanyou” Association based in Zhengzhou (Republic of China), mutual exchanges between the Bolzano institution and various Chinese conservatories have been intensified. In this way, cultural exchanges and learning opportunities between the various Chinese partners will be promoted. The selections in China are carried out in different places (Zhengzhou Yuanyo, Hangzhou Shiwei, Sen Miao School, Zhengzhou Yiyuquiao, Shanghai l-Studio, Xiamen Funita, Chongqing Yifan, Zhengzhou No. 24 Middle School) in order to look for quality students who can perfect their technique and musicality at the C. Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano. The students will thus be able to take advantage of the various opportunities already offered to internal students at the Monteverdi and enjoy the beauty of the Dolomites and, above all, have a highly qualifying experience in an area with a vocation for music such as the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.