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New courses for Young Talents

With the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, a study course called Young Talents has been introduced, aimed at students who (due to the high level of their abilities) are already eligible to take the entrance exam for the three-year academic programme (with the normal admission programme for level I academic courses provided at the link below) even though they have not yet graduated from high school.

These ‘specially talented’ young people will be able to present a curriculum that can take into account their school commitments while starting from the same programmes as the ordinary level I academic courses.

The courses for ‘special talents’ can in fact last 3, 4, 5 or 6 years, during which the student acquires credit points for the examinations taken but, once he or she has obtained the high school diploma, he or she will have to enroll in the ‘normal’ level I academic course to make use of the credit points acquired. The advantage of this type of course – applicable to any level I academic course – lies in the fact that the academic course can be completed more quickly and can be done almost entirely without a high school diploma.

Educational Goals

Regardless of the duration of the course of study, the educational goals correspond in all aspects to those of the level I academic courses:

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Young Talent course is subject to:

1) the possession of particular and marked artistic and musical aptitudes and abilities as well as of acquired and verified technical preparation equal to or higher than the minimum requirements for admission to level I academic courses (three-year course);

2) passing a specific admission examination;

3) the availability of places.

Admission programmes

See admission programmes for level I academic courses: Admission exams – Conservatory C. Monteverdi

Enrolment for admission exams

Study plans

Students may structure their study plan in accordance with the level I academic course framework, articulating the curriculum in a tailor-made manner respecting the age and educational needs of the student, as well as the simultaneous commitment of attending a secondary school.

For the level I academic programmes see: Study plans – Conservatory C. Monteverdi

Registration fees

21.43 € – tuition tax

€ 500,00 – “Young Talents” course fees

Study Regulations