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ERASMUS + – Outgoing students


Students of the “Conservatorio C. Monteverdi” can join an Erasmus+ programme at a European higher education institution in another participating country after completing their first year of study, to broaden their musical, social and cultural skills and improve their career prospects. They get to know the academic system of a foreign university as well as its teaching and learning methods.

Erasmus Student Mobility Call for Applications 2023/24


  • Regular enrolment at the „Conservatorio C. Monteverdi”;
  • No further grant received under other mobility programmes during the same period;
  • Completion of the first year of study;
  • Study period at a partner university with which the home university has stipulated an Erasmus cooperation agreement (inter-institutional agreement);
  • The receiving university has a valid Erasmus University Charter (ECHE).

Study grant

The monthly amount of the scholarship awarded by the National Agency ranges from a minimum of € 250 to a maximum of € 350, depending on the geographical area of the host country.

This may be supplemented by a contribution from the “Conservatorio C. Monteverdi” (co-financing), the amount of which is decided from year to year based on the budget results.

In the overall calculation, all months are counted as 30 days. Fractions of a month at the beginning or end of the period are calculated in days by dividing the monthly amount by 1/30 and multiplying the result by the days.

The National Agency contribution is paid at an amount of 90% at the beginning of the mobility.

The co-financing and the remaining 10% of the Erasmus grant contribution will be paid after the completion of the mobility.

Group 1 Cost of living HIGH Group 2 Cost of living MEDIUM Group 3 Cost of living LOW
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland , Luxembourg, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Partner Countries from Region 14: Faroe Islands, Switzerland, United KingdomAustria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Partner Countries from Region 5: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City StateBulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia
350 €300 €250 €
Erasmus grant 2023/24

Application papers

  1. Applicant form (to be submitted to the international relation office within 02 January);
  2. Student Application Form (to be submitted to the host institution by the deadline specified by them);
  3. Recommendation letter from the main subject teacher (in English or in the respective national language);
  4. Recording of 3-4 pieces from different epochs as links (for instrumental subjects and singing);
  5. CV (in English or in the respective national language);
  6. Proof of academic success / Transcript of Records;
  7. Motivation letter (in English or in the national language of the host institution).

Please enquire at the conservatory/university of your choice about the application deadlines.

To do after being accepted by a host university

Prerequisites for a grant:

  • Fill in and sign the Learning Agreement for each of the desired locations. This step is time-consuming as you must find out all the information about the subjects taught and the respective ECTS on the websites of the foreign institutes. Your Learning Agreement must then be discussed and signed by the school coordinator of the “Conservatorio C. Moneverdi” with regard to the recognition of educational credits before your application is sent off;
  • Please carefully check the procedures provided by your chosen institute for submitting the Erasmus application: If the institute uses an online procedure, you must not only complete all the steps required by the “Conservatorio C. Monteverdi” for submission, but also you must ensure that you follow all the instructions for submitting the online application in accordance with the procedures defined by the host institute. The International Relations Office will forward applications by email in the prescribed cases but cannot be held responsible for not accepting an application if the student has not completed an online procedure required by the foreign institution;
  • Signing the scholarship contract: print out two copies, sign them and send them to the International Relations Office of the “Conservatorio C. Monteverdi” (it is a personalized contract that will be sent to you by us).

To do at the beginning of the stay at the host university

  • Enrolment at the host university;
  • Any change to the Learning Agreement must be made within one month of the start of studies and signed by the concerned people;
  • Before the final departure at the end of the stay: Request of a “Transcript of Records” (including information on semester hours and/or ECTS points and classification).

To do at the end of the Erasmus stay

  • You are entitled to academic recognition from the “Conservatorio C. Monteverdi” for activities satisfactorily completed during your mobility period, in accordance with the Learning Agreement;
  • Send the Transcript of Records issued by the host university (with details of semester hours and/or ECTS credits and grade) to the International Relations Office of the Conservatoire “Monteverdi” for payment of the 2nd instalment of the scholarship abroad;
  • Send the Transcript of Records (incl. information on semester hours and/or ECTS credits and grade) to the commission competent for the recognition of educational credits Recognition of exams;  
  • It is obligatory to fill in an on-line questionnaire in order to give feedback on your Erasmus mobility period to the sending and receiving institution.

Online language support OLS

OLS is one of the main innovations of the Erasmus+ programme, for destination countries where the working language is one of the following: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

All students have to take a test to assess their language skills.

The result of the test is not binding for participation in the Erasmus programme (in the event that a candidate has already been selected by a host university), but the candidate may be offered free participation in an online language course.

At the end of the mobility, the student will again take a test to check the targeted improvement in his/her language skills. The data collected will be used to assess the impact of the programme on the improvement of the participants’ language skills.

To access the OLS portal: Home (

Furher Information

For more information, please contact the Conservatory’s International Relations Office: