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Propaedeutic courses

The propaedeutic courses are a complementary part of the educational offer of the State Conservatory of Music “Claudio Monteverdi” Bolzano, belong to the non-academic educational initiatives and are addressed to all those who wish to follow a musical path without possessing the technical requirements necessary for admission to the Level I academic courses (3-year) (DM 382/2018, art. 5).

With the offer of propaedeutic courses, the Conservatory of Bolzano aims to contribute to the global organization of music education in South Tyrol and to the harmonization of the training paths of the artistic-musical chain (D. Lgs. n. 60/2017) also according to D. Lgs. 6 Febbraio 2018, n. 18.

The Conservatory runs propaedeutic courses in the following areas:

Bassoon (DCPL 24)  Harp (DCPL 01)  Sacred music (in German language) (DCPL 62)  
Cello (DCPL 57)  Harpsichord (DCPL 14)  Saxophone (DCPL 41)  
Clarinet (DCPL 11)  Horn (DCPL 19)  Singing (DCPL 06)  
Composition (DCPL 15)  Lied and Oratorio (in German language) (DCPL 63)  Traditional Alpine music (DCPL 65)  
Conducting for wind orchestra
(cfr. instrument or composition courses) (DCPL 43)  
Oboe (DCPL 36)  Trombone (DCPL 49)  
Double bass (DCPL 17)  Organ (DCPL 38)  Trumpet (DCPL 46)  
Electronic music (DCPL 34)  Percussion instruments (DCPL 44)  Tuba (DCPL 04)  
Flute (DCPL 27)  Piano (DCPL 39)  Viola (DCPL 52)  
Guitar (DCPL 09)  Recorder (DCPL 28)  Violin (DCPL 54)  

The propaedeutic courses, which lasts a maximum of three years, is adapted to the student’s age, needs, individual training goals and previous knowledge and deliberately provides for compulsory attendance limited to the characterizing training activities and basic training (theory, rhythm, and musical perception as well as elements of ear training, piano practice and reading). 

The propaedeutic courses end with a final examination (in the presence of a special commission), which coincides with the admission test to the 3-year Level I academic courses (with an evaluation expressed in thirtieths), and the issuing of a certificate – for the uses allowed by law – attesting “the program of studies carried out in the propaedeutic, the educational objectives achieved and the duration” of the course (Article 2, paragraph 2, DM 382/2018).

Due to agreements between the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory and educational institutions of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Autonomous Province of Trento, such as the various Italian, Ladin and German music schools of the province, it is possible to attend propaedeutic courses (and/or equivalent courses) in whole or in part thanks to the recognition system (DM 382/2018, art. 4).

Educational objectives

The educational objectives of the propaedeutic courses are closely related to the function of this type of course, which is to prepare candidates for “the examinations for access to Level I academic courses (3-year)” (DM 382/2018, art. 2, comma 1). The courses therefore have a clear propaedeutic and preparatory character with flexible programs adapted to the pedagogical needs of the candidates, which are reviewed and defined by the Course Council in the study regulations of the propaedeutic courses.

Admission requirements

Admission to the propaedeutic courses requires a specific application and the passing of an entrance examination aimed at verifying the prospective student’s strengths, motivation and disposition, and the demonstration of an advanced technical preparation as well as a theoretical-musical competence in the relevant subject area of the propaedeutic training course.” (DM 382/2018, Art. 3, paragraph 1,).

Table E, annex of DM 382/2018:

Applicants who have passed the entrance test will be admitted to the Conservatory based on available funds and places.

Admission programmes

The admission programmes for the propaedeutic courses aim at assessing the candidates’ abilities in the basic subjects: Theory, Rhythm and Musical Perception (Ear Training), Harmony; Basic Piano Exercises and Reading, (Art. 2 of the Regulation of the Propaedeutic Courses). The programmes of the admission examinations to the propaedeutic courses at the Conservatory “Claudio Monteverdi” in Bolzano can be found at this link:

Admission examination programs – Conservatory C. Monteverdi

Enrolment for admission exams

Study plans

The propaedeutic courses include the following subjects: characterizing disciplines (27 h.); theory, rhythm, musical perception (ear training), harmony (27 h.); basic piano reading practice (only for the third year, 14 h.); interpretative ensemble disciplines with particular attention to the type of instrument or musical practice being studied (Art. 3 of the Regulation of the Propaedeutic Courses). In the event of pedagogical necessity, the number of hours of attendance can be increased according to a programme agreed upon with the student (Art. 3, comma 5 of the Regulation of the Propaedeutic Courses). For the same needs, it is possible to repeat a single year within the study plan.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for preparatory courses are determined annually by resolution of the Administration Board. For the academic year 2021-22, the amounts to be paid are:

Attendance fee: € 21,43

School fee: € 300,00

Study regulations

In accordance with the requirements of DM 382/2018, the Conservatory of Bolzano has issued study regulations for the establishment and running of propaedeutic courses:

regolamento-studienordnung-prop.pdf (