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Fields of study

The Bolzano Conservatory of Music offers a varied, articulated and continually growing range of courses, in line with the curricula of the structured courses leading to the Level I Academic Diploma (equivalent to a three-year degree) and the Level II Academic Diploma (equivalent to a two-year specialist degree).  

There are also ‘Propaedeutic’ Courses of a maximum duration of three years, “aimed at preparing for the entrance exams to Level I academic courses”, which aim to provide students with “advanced technical preparation in the discipline of the propaedeutic course, together with a theoretical-musical competence”.

The Conservatory of Bolzano, as part of the enhancement of young people or ‘Special Talents’ referred to in Article 5 of DM 382/2018 welcomes with specific training activities also young students (not yet in possession of the high school graduation diploma) endowed with particular and marked aptitudes and artistic-musical skills and a technical preparation equal or superior to the requirements for access to the Level I academic courses. In any case, the students concerned may only complete this training course after they have obtained their high school graduation diploma.

In compliance with the rules set out in Ministerial Decree 616/2017, and in accordance with the regulations in force for the recruitment of teaching staff, there is a specific training course aimed at the acquisition of the 24 Credit Points – curricular or extra-curricular – required for the teaching of music disciplines in middle and high schools in Italy.  

In the field of post-academic training, a First-level Master’s degree in String Quartet has been in operation for a number of years, aimed at the specialization/refinement of string instrumentalists, focusing specifically on the quartet repertoire.