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1st level Master’s in String Quartet Studies


In accordance with the provisions of Law 508/1999, the Claudio Monteverdi State Conservatory of Music in Bolzano has been running a one-year 1st Level Master’s in String Quartet Studies for several academic years. The aim is to train string instrumentalists of international standing who are highly specialized in the quartet repertoire (classical, romantic, modern and contemporary) and can thus acquire competences that will enable them to pursue a further professional career at various levels (concert, orchestra, production and artistic-musical management).

Educational objectives

The one-year 1st Level Master’s in String Quartet Studies is an educational program aimed at a high level of specialization of string instrumentalists, especially in terms of practice and in-depth knowledge of the quartet repertoire.

Through a variety of training activities – fundamental, characterizing, related/integrative, individual and/or collective – students have the opportunity to perfect their previous technical skills in the field of performance technique, concertation and interpretation typical of quartet practice, in order to acquire a comprehensive awareness of related performance practices.

Built into the course are specialist areas aimed at deepening the stylistic, aesthetic, analytical, compositional, and musicological understanding of the quartet literature, as well as the performance of artistic and training activities of particular value.

Admission requirements

The admission to the master’s program, requires:

  • A Level I academic diploma (in viola, violin, cello) or Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s Degree (three and/or two years) or an equivalent degree obtained at a foreign institution of the same level (recognized as valid according to the regulations in force);
  • A diploma issued by a state music conservatory in accordance with Law 508/1999 – the so-called “old system” – in combination with a secondary school diploma.

Admission test

An admission test will be held in the form of an instrumental performance lasting approximately thirty minutes in which the candidate will have to perform significant pieces from the soloist and/or quartet repertoire for his/her instrument (the candidate will personally provide the performers necessary for the test). The examination committee reserves the right to listen to all or part of the candidate’s proposed program.

To fully assess previous skills, applicants are requested to submit, together with their application, a detailed curriculum vitae indicating their educational and/or professional experience. Based on the analysis of the documentation received, training debits/credits may then be awarded.

Enrolment for admission exams

Study curriculum

Registration fees

Matriculation fee € 6,04

Attendance fee € 21,43

Provincial tax for the right to university studies € 164,00

Enrolment and attendance € 900,00


The Master’s course lasts one year. Timetables of classes are agreed with students at the beginning of each year.


As per the regulations laid down for AFAM institutions and subsequent modifications.

Final examination

In order to obtain the qualification – subject to the achievement of the educational credits (CFA) prescribed by the academic curriculum the following final examinations are required:

  • Presentation of a written thesis supervised by one of the course lecturers;
  • Performance of a concert program agreed in advance with the course council (duration about one hour). The musical performance examination may include the interpretation of pieces already rehearsed and/or assessed during the course.


Course Council

The Course Council consists of four members, lecturers at the institution.

Organizational coordination

The Course Coordinator, selected from among the lecturers, is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the planned training activities.

Course lecturers

The teaching staff of the 1st Level Master’s in String Quartet Studiesare currently:

Prof. Andrea Repetto (Course Coordinator) Performance practice for string quartet/
String quartet repertoire/
Performance practice and chamber ensemble repertoire with string quartet/
Contemporary reading techniques
Prof. Giacomo Fornari
Prof. Alberto Fassone
Prof. Pierluca Lanzilotta
History of the string quartet
Prof. Carlo Benzi
Prof. Paolo Martinelli
Analysis of the quartet repertoire
Prof. Marina GiovanniniPiano reduction