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Level II academic courses (2-year)

The Level II academic courses DCSL (Diploma di Conservatorio di Secondo Livello) (European Qualifications Framework Level 7 – Master like degree) are specific musical training courses aimed at acquiring complete mastery of methods, artistic techniques and professionalizing aesthetic skills.

The entrance requirement for the advanced training courses is the passing of an entrance test to check the candidates’ existing knowledge (see below).

The two-year Level II Academic Diploma – equivalent to a Master’s degree of the same academic level according to Presidential Decree 212/2005 – can be obtained by acquiring 120 academic credit points (ECTS) or after successful completion of the courses outlined in the respective study plan. The final grade is expressed in hundredths.

At the end of their studies, each graduate student is awarded the Diploma Supplement (DS) in Italian and English.

The DS is a supplementary document to the official qualification and provides a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies undertaken and completed by the student according to a standard 8-point scheme developed at the initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. This document facilitates the academic and professional recognition of national qualifications abroad and promotes the free international movement of graduates.

Learning objectives

The specific learning objectives vary in relation to each course and/or field of study. For their consultation, please refer to the specific study plan.

Admission requirements

Admission to the Level II academic courses requires possession of:

  • Level I academic diploma from a state-run music academy or other recognized music institutes and/or foreign institutions of equivalent academic standing;
  • Diploma issued by a State Music Conservatory in accordance with the legislation prior to the enactment of Law 508/1999, the so-called ‘old system’ diploma (together with a secondary school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification).

Admission programmes

The admission test for the Level II biennial programmes, which varies according to the school and/or the chosen course of study, is aimed at ascertaining that the candidate’s level of preparation is coherent and appropriate for the course of study to be undertaken. The content of the test focuses specifically on the instrument, singing or other characterizing course, perceptual competence (melodic, rhythmic and/or polyphonic dictation), music theory and history and motivation of the candidates. Possible debits/credits may be attributed in relation to previous studies.

At the end of the admission examinations, a ranking list is drawn up by the Commission, and admitted students may enrol on the basis of the places actually available in the specific academic year

Admission programmes for the Level II academic courses

Enrolment for admission exams

Language skills assessment

By the end of their two-year course of study, students are required to obtain a B2-level language certificate in German, Italian or English from a list of those recognised by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Level II academic courses – Study plans

At the beginning of each academic year, students draw up their personal study plan from the Bolzano Conservatoire’s range of courses.

Curricula for the Level II academic courses

Registration fees

€ 21,43 – attendance fee

€ 173,00 – Provincial tax for the right to university studies

€ 900,00 – Enrolment and attendance (deductible in accordance with current regulations)

General teaching regulations

The Conservatory C. Monteverdi is currently revising the General Didactic Regulations. These will be published in this section as soon as they are available.