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Guitar at Monteverdi – VI⁰ edition

“Guitar at Monteverdi – VI⁰ edition”, organized by Laura Mondiello

On 13, 14 and 15 September, the VI⁰ edition of “Guitar at Monteverdi” took place, organized by Laura Mondiello, teacher of the guitar class at the Music Conservatory in the South Tyrolean capital, which actively collaborates with leading artists on the international scene, promoting concerts, masterclasses and musical events of the highest calibre. This year, the Scottish musician Paul Galbraith was the star of the evening: Galbraith is one of the leading contemporary representatives of the international classical guitar scene and of great artistic stature. His unique playing style has always been synonymous with experimentation and innovation. His instrument, the “Brahms guitar”, is an 8-string guitar with the special feature of an additional first string and a tip that transmits the vibrations to a resonance chamber.

Another reason for the exceptionality of the event was the synergetic cooperation between two institutions that set standards in the field of music and are active in the region: the Monteverdi Conservatory of Music and the Vivaldi School of Music in Italian language. Both were able to combine the different institutional requirements and make the master class a moment of musical and instrumental improvement for the conservatory’s guitar students and, at the same time, a recognized booster course for Vivaldi teachers.

Finally, the numerous and lively participation of the public, both in the concert and in the master class, sealed the extraordinary success of this initiative: students, professors and the population were able to take part in an event of absolute musical and cultural value dedicated to the guitar, which proves to be one of the most fascinating and intense instruments.